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Liner Rewinder Machine

Liner Rewinder Machine

Standard Feature

Liner Rewinder Machine

Liner Rewinder Machine Manufacturer for Tire Cord industry, Liner Surface Rewinder Machine, Liner Rewinder Machine is used for any winding & unwinding application for guiding the web to reduce the wastage of the material & to get high production output with minimum man power.

  • Let off unit.
  • Inspection table with pressure roll device.
  • Web centering device.
  • Two roll surface polling machine with pneumatic pressing device.

Technical Specification

  • Liner Fabric Rewinding Machine
  • Completely fabricated from Heavy Duty Chanel Angle structure of Rewinder Stand and Let-Off Stand
  • Complete with pneumatic brake and Safety Chucks (Locking Assembly) on Let-Off Station
  • Inspection Table covered with S.S. Sheet structure-Guider Roller and Light System for Inspection Fabrics
  • The platform, Hydraulic Web Aligner (Power Pack) Unit complete with Hydraulic Cylinder, Air Sensor, Adjuster, Square Pipe, Air & Oil Pipe
  • Banana Roller to remove the wrinkle
  • Rewinder Unit completely manufactured from Heavy Duty Channel Angle and Angle with Pneumatic Cylinder for lifting the Drum Roller
  • Necessary Guide Rollers
  • 10 HP AC Electric Motor with Synchronized reduction Gear Box
  • Electrical Control Panel Drive with Chain Wheel
  • Pressure Rubber Roller
  • Pneumatic Panel Board for Control of Pneumatic System
  • Necessary Safety Covers


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