Rubber Rollers

Rubber Rollers

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Rubber Rollers

Krishna Engineering Works is manufacturing Rubber Rollers for Tyre-Cord industries. We are specialized and manufacturer, exporter of all types of high-quality Rubber Rollers. Rubber Roller available for all kind of applications and various types of rubber coated Rollers. Also, dealing on high-quality fabrication, re-covering rubber roller, rubber rollers, precision rollers, textile rubber roller, printing rubber roll and industrial rubber Rollers from last 25 years. Also we Exporting and supplying various types of Rubber Rollers like, Rubber Rolls, Ebonite Roller, Guide Roller, Nip Roller, Pinch Roller, PU Roller, EPDM Roller, Neoprene Roller, Hypalon Rubber Roller, Silicon Roller, Wrinkle Removing Rolls, Bow Roll, Banana Roll, Metal Bow Expander Roll, Salt Expander, Scroll Roll, Grooved Roll, Stainless Steel Rollers, Calendar Roll, M.S. Roller, Aluminium Roller, Stainless Steel Roll, Printing Roller, Impression Roller, Brush Roller, Super Hard Rubber Roller, Metal Bow Roll.

  • Heavy duty side M.S. steel walls to ensure vibration free running at high speed.
  • Foundation free base frame.
  • High velocity air blower for fast dying.
  • Good quality electronic input drives, motors, Tension Control System etc.
  • All free rollers are dynamically balanced.
  • Pneumatic functions for impression Rollers.
  • Auto tension control.
  • Auto web aligner.
  • Careful quality control in manufacturing process to ensure years of maintenance free running

Technical Specification

  • The performance of Rubber Expander (Bow Rollers) depends upon Lead in – lead out distance, Wrap angle, Position of bow (adjustable). 3: 1 lead in – lead out ratio is considered to be best. However, lead out distance preferably should not to be more than 3 times of Expander roller diameter. The best results are achieved when bow roller is perpendicular to the web direction.
  • Sizes: Diameter up to 300 mm
  • Length: up to 500 mm


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