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Load Cell

Load Cell

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Load Cell

Krishna Engineering Works India, Load Cell manufacturer, exporter and supplier with international quality standard. We have been manufacturing load cells from last 25 years India. Premium quality of Load Cells to meet client’s requirement for different machinery all over the world.

Types of LOAD CELLS:

1) Edge Guiding

The most popular type of web position control includes to achieve a desired edge alignment of film at various stages of process. Such a system is especially useful for flexo printing, gravure printing, extruders blown film plant, extrusion laminate, slitting machine etc.

2) Chaser Guiding

One another type of web position control includes chasing one or two webs to a reference web to achieve a desired edge alignment of multiple layers. This is done by either mechanically or electronically slaving two or more sensors. Such a setup is useful for lamination process.

3) Center Guiding

Center guiding application may involve either fixed or moving sensor system. The guide system keeps the center line of the web in an exact position. In case of Moving sensor center guiding the sensors continuously reposition themselves automatically to detect both web edges and maintain the center line of the web in an exact position irrespective of any width variation.

4) Line Guiding

This system uses a printed line or continuous patch or any pattern on the web. The system maintains the chosen mark (printed line or pattern) in exact lateral position irrespective of the web edge position. This system is widely used in slitting machine.


Technical Specification

  • The performance of rubber expander (Bow Rollers) depends upon Lead in – lead out distance, Wrap angle, Position of bow (adjustable). 3: 1 lead in – lead out ratio is considered to be best. However, lead out distance preferably should not to be more than 3 times of expander roller diameter. The best results are achieved when bow roller is perpendicular to the web direction.
  • Sizes: Diameter up to 300 mm
  • Length: up to 500 mm


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